Take a look at the Fashion Week Street in Vetements designer’s home town.


First look at the brand new launch of the 2017 early spring series……
Last week, many brands have launched the 2017 early spring series, they both have a new trend of mixing elements of men and women. For example, C line everybody loves to tell you that the profile of suits, floral prints, fold perspective, lotus leaf edge is fashionable points this season, the design of Phoebe Philo holiday every time is so real in this season, a boyfriend profile suit, a piece of earth color coat is the most can not miss a must-have.
C e line 2017 early spring series
McCartney Stella’s 2017 early spring series is also released last week, the series is still a large profile of male tailoring and a variety of elegant fabric combined, classic animals and freehand landscape printing became the protagonist of design. One of the highlights of this season is the McCartney Stella for the first time to join the popular now that buy mode, which means that now can be purchased at the store and the official website.
McCartney Stella 2017 early spring series
Stella McCartney also launched the first series of men’s and women’s brand, firmness and flexibility of the same style, between formal and wind movement, and a little subculture, fashionable just as well, and soon you will be able to tell your boyfriend to wear couples dress Stella McCartney. But want to buy men’s series may be late, in November 11th to accept reservations, can be purchased in January next year.
McCartney Stella 2017 spring summer men’s series
Is not a lot of new choices?
Delevingne Cara’s new tattoo is Bulgari bracelet?
Has already ruled the smiling face, the lion, the diamond…… In the Cara Delevingne tattoo in the last week and the sun out of her new tattoo, the tattoo is good by her bestie Amber Heard responsible for the design and write the sketch in the hand, and the work is responsible for the color by the famous tattoo artist Dr. Woo.
Delevingne Cara is on the tattoo
Delevingne Cara’s new tattoo
The new tattoo is a snake hovering over the back of the hand, it’s like a delicate bracelet, and it’s very interesting.
You don’t have to buy a Bulgari bracelet.
In addition to the presidential election, another important election is the 2016 annual CFDA/VOGUE Fashion Foundation Awards
The 2016 annual CFDA/VOGUE awards are foundation dinner ended, the final award by the Brock from Collection Kristopher Brock and Laura Vassar designer couple gains, Brock Collection was founded in 2013, the two designer style blend of extreme simplicity and mellow.

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