RAPIDO released 2017 spring and summer series so that sports fashion swept the world


Fitness craze has been swept not only swept the European and American fashion and street circles, in the country also seems to be a market can not be ignored. Born in South Korea’s fashion sports brand RAPIDO combines the movement of the boom and the public demand for fashion, fashion items are introduced in a number of sports wear in exceptionally brisk. The launch of the 2017 spring and summer series, the Relaxation Fitsters as inspiration, the introduction of foreign Festival Fitness concept, once again moving the fashion to a more cutting-edge edge.
In addition to using norm to create look retro elements of Retro series, and emphasizes the function and urban fashion Premium series, Intensive Sports added this season is a series of professional sports, to bring professional and fashionable products for Sports City, break through the single function of the boring, bring more exercise the fun. Sports Intensive series is divided into two product lines, the main running Up Line Run and specializing in yoga Boutique & Yoga Line Beach.
RAPIDO 2017 spring and summer Up Run series
Up Run series is in recent years swept the world’s Sports Carnival Party – Festival Fitness to get inspiration to create a series of professional sports. With the help of sound and light and other high-tech technology, to create immersive sports atmosphere Fitness Festival, attracted a large number of challenging sport Master, together with friends, and enjoy the cool in perspiration comes down like raindrops the fun of sports interesting projects. So inspired them to Run Up under bright lights with body movement and changing neon colors “wear” in the body, through the flow line, combined with 3M reflective material and color holographic design RUN printing, UP printing psychedelic. Wear this body of equipment you, even if not thin into a lightning, but also in the crowd is not the same fireworks.

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